Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Global Ransom Attack – Issues/Points/Insights Global Ransom Attack – Issues/Points/Insights

Digital ransom is similar to physical ransom where someone illegally captures/holds a property/person and threats and asks for ransom/money/favour to release/free that property/person.
Digital Ransom: A peron’s digital files/data is illegally holded by 3rd person party remotely and asks for ransom/payment online.
How does it work? A trojon/malware is installed into a peron’s laptop/computer which encrypts all files/data and the key to decrypt the files/data is holded by 3rd party, which asks to release it only after they’ve received payment.
Mode of payment: Online and mostly via Bitcoins, which are not tracked by a govt authority or banks.
Bitcoin status in India: Accepting bitcoins in not illegal under any existing Indian laws.
Global Ransom Attacks:
  • WannaCry ransomware attack is an ongoing cyber-attack of the WannaCry ransomware computer worm targeting the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • It has said to infect 2,00,000 computers in around 150 countries worldwide.
  • Indian Govt reports say that Indian IT infra is not effected by it and is secure.
  • It is alleged that USA’s NSA released a tool publically some time ago, which is alleged to be used by this WannaCry. It’s not officially confirmed yet.
  • It reported to mainly infects Old Windows Operating System of Microsoft.
  • It proper security updates are applied, latest version of Windows is used, Anti-virus is used, a person’s computer/laptop is safe.
Earlier Attacks:
India’s perspective
  • India is a growing digital economy, so more attacks like to happen in future.
  • Digital literacy after Demonetization has become important.
  • Govt has launched various programs like Digital India, Startup India, Digital Shakshrata Abhiyan etc.
  • Central and State Govt should focus on digital literacy, security literacy workshops of govt employees, proper timely auditing of computer systems, periodic backup of data and use of latest softwares/anti-virus etc. is required.

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