Saturday, July 1, 2017

Metasploit Framework

Start the Kali PostgreSQL Service

Metasploit uses PostgreSQL as its database so it needs to be launched first.
service postgresql start
You can verify that PostgreSQL is running by checking the output of ss -ant and making sure that port 5432 is listening.
State Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address:Port Peer Address:Port
LISTEN 0 128 :::22 :::*
LISTEN 0 128 *:22 *:*
LISTEN 0 128 *:*
LISTEN 0 128 ::1:5432 :::*

Initialise the Metasploit PostgreSQL Database

With PostgreSQL up and running, we next need to create and initialize the msfdatabase.
msfdb init

Launch msfconsole in Kali

Now that the PostgreSQL service is up and running and the database is initialized, you can launch msfconsole and verify database connectivity with thedb_status command as shown below.
msf > db_status
[*] postgresql connected to msf3
msf >

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