Saturday, June 10, 2017

KeyLogging and Remote Spying Made Easy

Maybe you are a parent wanting to see who your daughter is really talking to online? I mean she’s acting really strange lately. Or your spouse has kind of check out of the relationship. Again something is just not right. Or maybe you have employees that say they are working really hard all day long. They claim overtime but you just know their work is not getting done during the day as fast as it could.

What do all these have in common?

A big reason why you would have a real need to spy on these people. Yes there are real legitimate reasons you would need to spy on someone. We have wrote about this topic before.
Computer spying and keystroke logging software is nothing new. It has been around for years.
Usually these kinds of software well suited for readers of We know our way around Computers and can configure just about anything pretty easily. But your mom? Well that’s a different story.
That is where PC Tattletale comes in.
PC Tattletale is a newer keylogger and remote spying software that is dead simple to install on any Windows PC or Android device (Yes.. Even your mother can install it). It installs just like any normal Android app or Windows program. You do not need to root the device or do anything crazy. That is what we love about it.

So what does PC Tattletale do exactly?

Unlike other programs PC Tattletale does a couple things. But it does them really well.
First it will take screen shots every time they click the mouse or touch the screen. They can not see the software. They will have no idea it is on their device. These screen shots are made into simple YouTube like movies you watch from their website. Keystrokes are merged into the movie. It is kind of cool how you can see the keystrokes flow in across the screen as they sign into Facebook. Yep. Password is right there for you.
The screen shot above shows what you would see in PC Tattletale. You can see a little graph of their click activity. It is a good way to know how much they are using the computer and when. You get a video with all the normal video controls you would expect to see. In the upper right you can see the keystrokes.
What is best about PC Tattetale is you can try it 7 days free. Just head on over to their site and get the download links. You can put it on your computer or android device in just a few minutes. Keep in mind you need to have access to the devices to install it. No tricky remote installs here.
So if you have had a REAL need like I mentioned above to do some hard core spying this app just might be for you.. and of course if your Mom is asking then PC Tattletale is DEFINITELY for her. Go check it out today.

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