Sunday, May 21, 2017

How to Hack Windows Vista Base Score

If you are a Windows Vista user then you are very likely to be familiar with the concept of Base Score. This score is calculated based on the computer’s hardware and software configuration. This score act’s as a rating to your PC. If you have a too low base score then don’t worry. Hacking Windows Vista’s so called Base Score is very easy. It is possible to hack this score in just a few minutes. Here are the snapshots of my own system. Actually my system’s base score is 3.7. But I have brought it up to 9.5 with this small hack. This can be done for your computer too!

Here is a step-by-step instruction to hack the base score of Windows Vista:

Type the following command in the “Run” dialog box:
You should see a .xml file with Assessment (Formal).WinSAT as filename.
Right-click it and select open with ‘Wordpad’ (Not notepad!)
On line 12, you should see something like the following:
You can enter any number in the place where I have written 9.5. But the number should be less than 10.
Once you have entered the number of your choice save the file and close it.
That’s it. You have successfully altered your Windows Vista base score. No restart is required.
[alert-alert]Please note that this trick will neither improve the performance of your system nor will make your PC compatible to run Windows Aero UI. This is just a hack to display a bigger base score.[/alert-alert]

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