Thursday, May 18, 2017

How To Hack Android, Pc And Mac?

Zanti 2: How To Hack PC, Android, Mac. Network Penetration Testing Toolkit And Application For Android.

Download Zanti 2.apk Feature:
Scan the whole network
show alive host in the network
scan port through Nmap for port Scanning
Scan Service on each port and find vulnerability.
Perform Brute force attack
Perform Shell shock etc vulnerability
MITM: Man In The Middle Attack
Session Hijacking
SSL Striping
Sniffing packets
Replace image
Redirect URL and IP
Intercept and modified live download.


First download this app : Download Zanti 2.apk  ( Click to download) **skip ads one time
And Open it.
Note>>You need a rooted device to run this app.

Step 1: Scan the whole wifi network.

After that Scan i get to know all the mobile and system connected to wifi network, its also scan the all ports as you can see in the above image.
I choose the (Mac OSX)
Step 2: After Opening the desirable victim i can see the open port and some other details as shown in below image 

As you can see in the above image Zanti2.apk successfully scan the all host in the network and after choosing the victim you want to hack or perform some testing you will see the same image in about section.

Now time to Attack:

1. Password Complexity audit: Its check and brute force the password ex: default password on the victim.

2. MITM: It Intercept the network packets via MITM attacks.

3. ShellShock : its check the vulnerability exist on the victim or not.

4. SSL Poodle : its check the target is it vulnerable for SSL Poodle attack or not.

Its also shows the Nmap Scan Result ( Check the below image)
In My demo i used MITM Attack on the Target.

Step 3: After Selecting MITM attack you will see many things you can do on target machine ex: check the image below

As you can see all the attack you can do on target by using MITM, In my case i switch "ON" the MITM which is on the Right-Top.

In next step i turned "ON" the SSL Strip. (Check the image below)
As you can see i turned "ON" both things together by using Zanti2.apk in the MITM attack from my android device to hack the other phone or PC.

Step 4: After that I sniff the packets ( Check the image below) and SSL Striping working perfectly and strip hotmail in HTTP .
As you can see hotmail is strip into http and its ready to grab the password as soon as victim enter the login details.

Download Zanti 2.apk Cracked [Click to download] 

NOTE>> This is only for educational purpose, never try this in real life.
I used Zanti in my android device and Scan the network.
I choose the Mac OSx Machine which was my laptop.
After that start The MITM on and SSL strip to grab some packets and try to grab the password of that machine.
in the end i successfully travel the victim into http over https and grab the login credentials.
For demo kindly check the images which i posted in this post. 
Thus i just check my own security.

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