Monday, May 8, 2017

Hack Facebook Account Using Backtrack 5R3 Latest 2017 method

Steps to Hack:-

1.Install backtrack from official webSite after Installating Open ur backtrack 5R3’s terminal and type : cd /pentest/exploits/set

2. Now just open  Terminal and type: ./set to open “Social Engineering Tool kit“.

3. after SET the opening Select 1st Option then
“1) Social Engineering Attacks“
Type “1” and Hit Enter.

4.Now Select Option 2
“2) Website Attack Vectors“

5.Now just Select 4th Option
“4 Tabnabbing Attack Method“

6.Now Select Option two
“2) Site Cloner“

7.Now Here you Need to Add your IP,

8.Now Here you need to add the URL of  FB

9. Then just press enter

10.Paste Your IP in Address bar and Page  should be look like this

When Victim Log in to your Page Details will come here..

if you want to Know your IP Open new Terminal and type: ifconfig

This only for educational purpose only

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